Push Hard – Palau

E-Bike Rental in Palau

In addition to the classic mountain bikes, Push Hard is also able to offer you the latest generation of E-bikes that have multiple degrees of pedal assistance that will help you reach the desired destinations, making them accessible to anyone.

Pedal assisted bikes, synonymous with e-bikes, are vehicles to which an electric motor powered by a lithium battery is applied and assisted by a series of sensors that detect the force applied to the pedals. A control unit manages the support to be returned to the cyclist. It is from this characteristic that it takes the name of “assisted pedalling”. In a nutshell, an e-bike is a normal bicycle that facilitates the cyclist’s effort by increasing its speed or traction but which still requires movement on the pedals. In Scott models, it is possible to directly manage the power delivered by the engine and to set the level of electric assistance.

The most recent batteries are portable and a common household socket is sufficient to recharge them; generally, a full charge lasts at least fifty kilometers.

Push hard’s E-bikes will allow you to explore the most beautiful views of Northern Sardinia. Places that offer emotions and experiences, leaving memories destined to last forever inside each one of you.