Push Hard – Palau

Mountain Bike Rental in Palau

At Push Hard in Palau you will find the youngest and most dynamic motorcycle and bicycle rental service in Palau, we will show you various routes suitable for both families and adventure lovers, so that you can get to know and appreciate the beauty of our area. Our choice fell on Scott, the quintessential mountain bike manufacturer and the preferred choice of many professional cyclists around the world. Scott designs and develops the best MTBs in the world, not only for the best riders, but also for all people who want to approach this sport.

Push hard was born from a fundamental premise which is that cycling is our passion and that is why we devote so much energy into providing the best bikes in the world to our customers. Whether they are mountain bikes or electric bikes, gravel or cyclocross and also city bikes and trekking bikes. If you can dream of a bike, we have it. We also like to please everyone with our full range of bikes for men, women, teens and even kids. You just have to choose your favorite discipline and find the right bike for you.

Small 156cm – 170cm
Medium 169cm – 180cm
Large 176cm – 188cm
Extralarge > 188cm