Push Hard – Palau

About us

Our company has been founded because we love our land and we would like that everybody would be able to discover its amazing beauty and enjoy this little earthly paradise. Making our two-wheeled vehicles and our local knowledge available, we’ll love to put you in the best conditions to live your holiday in Sardinia to the fullest. Always lovers of two-wheeled vehicles, we never miss an opportunity to take a nice scooter ride in company or alone, along the coasts of Sardinia. Born into a family of sportsmen and having practiced cycling at a competitive level with various local and non-local clubs, including S.C. La Maddalena, S.C. Tempio and Team Valle Sabbia of Brescia, having been part of the national teams and managing to win the title of the regional championship of Sardinia, we make our territorial and technical knowledge available with the aim of showing spectacular landscapes, also difficult to reach and living one of the most scenic areas in the world. Without forgetting the relationship with the customer, which is vitally important for us.

Why choose the bike or the scooter?

Palau being one of the most famous summer destinations in the world, during the summer it becomes very difficult to move quickly and find parking, for this reason we advise people to choose a two-wheeled vehicle, so as to be able to better enjoy the beauties of our territory, fast and space-saving like a bike or scooter. Our company offers different types of bikes for all your needs, or the latest generation scooters so as to fully enjoy our landscape nature and be able to capture all its facets. Happy to be useful to you on this journey, we remind people who come to Sardinia, take it in your heart never home.

Where to find us

Palau, one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, is located in the north-east of the island a few km from Porto Cervo, the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda, a destination renowned all over the world for the summer holidays of world-famous personalities, but also a destination for holidays with the family or for relaxation or for social life. Palau offers everything you want from a holiday, a point of reference that has always been for tourists from all over the world because it not only offers the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia with pristine water, but also has monuments and archaeological sites of historical importance. The strategic position of Palau meant that in ancient times several military fortresses were built which can be visited, easily reached thanks to the pedestrian and cycling routes. Thanks to the tourist port it is also possible to reach La Maddalena by ferry with departures every 30 minutes in just 15 minutes. Our land not only offers an important cultural and natural baggage, but also from a culinary point of view it is very renowned and recognized all over the world. With many wineries and vineyards known all over the world, I mention one among many, which is located near Palau, Luogosanto a small medieval village, where it is possible to visit the Siddurà vineyard, a Sardinian winery that was awarded the coveted special prize Gran Vinitaly 2021 at Veronafiere and 4 gold medals at the City of Wine Competition.