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The success story of Sanyang Motor and its scooters has its beginnings in the early 1950s, when the “Sanyang Electric Machinery” was born near Taipei (Taiwan).

The company consisted of 10 employees who produced bicycle dynamos in a workshop of just 100 m2. Today Sanyang Motor Co.Ltd is a multinational, with more than 2400 employees, spread across 4 production plants in Indochina and 2 European branches (in Italy and in Germany). Sanyang produces cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles.

The global production capacity is 1 million two-wheelers per year and 35,000 passenger cars (under Hyunday and Kia brands). The SYM 125 Symphony is an agile and compact scooter ideal for urban spaces and for discovering the beauties of Palau and its surroundings. It is a vehicle with a dynamic 125cc engine capable of delivering 8.3kw (11Cv) at 8,000rpm and a torque of 10.7Nm at 6,500rpm, sufficient to guarantee a relaxing driving experience also thanks to its low weight which is around 122Kg dry . As far as safety is concerned, the Sym 125 Symphony Sr is based on a CBS braking system which distributes braking both on the front and on the rear.

Scooters are also equipped with:

2 helmets
100km per day
RCA insurance

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