Push Hard – Palau

What to see in Palau


Palau, one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, is located in the north-east of the island a few km from Porto Cervo, the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda, a destination renowned all over the world for the summer holidays of world-famous personalities, but also a destination for holidays with the family or for relaxation or for social life. Palau offers everything you want from a holiday, a point of reference that has always been for tourists from all over the world because it not only offers the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia with pristine water, but also has monuments and archaeological sites of historical importance. The strategic position of Palau meant that in ancient times several military fortresses were built which can be visited, easily reached thanks to the pedestrian and cycling routes. Thanks to the tourist port it is also possible to reach La Maddalena by ferry with departures every 30 minutes in just 15 minutes. Our land not only offers an important cultural and natural baggage, but also from a culinary point of view it is very renowned and recognized all over the world. With many wineries and vineyards known all over the world, I mention one among many, which is located near Palau, Luogosanto a small medieval village, where it is possible to visit the Siddurà vineyard, a Sardinian winery that was awarded the coveted special prize Gran Vinitaly 2021 at Veronafiere and 4 gold medals at the City of Wine Competition.

Some recommendations of places to see

Fortezza di Monte Altura

An absolutely must-do tour is that of the Monte Altura Fortress, located on the road to go to Porto Rafael, a renowned tourist village that offers villas set in granite rocks overlooking the Maddalena archipelago. Monte Altura is easily accessible thanks to the cycle/pedestrian path, an area considered to be of great strategic importance. Built in 1887-1889 with the granite of Monte Altura, it held the title of the most beautiful fortress in Europe. From the fortress it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful and evocative views in the world, you can see all the surrounding islands and the Corsica.

Fortezza Capo D’orso

One of the most spectacular military fortresses in the Mediterranean, Capo D’orso is built with granite blocks in defense of its territory, it became extremely important during the Second World War for its camouflage position, it was built to protect the port of La Maddalena. The fortress overlooks the island of Santo Stefano and the Maddalena offering a breathtaking view. Easily accessible from the panoramic road that starts from the center of Palau to arrive at the famous “bear rock” officially called Capo d’Orso, symbol of Palau. Monument shaped by winds and rains, it forms one of the most natural and extravagant rocks in the world, bearing an extraordinary resemblance to a bear. It is one of the most visited and photographed destinations by foreigners, an extraordinary natural monument that has fascinated and enchanted travelers and navigators from all over the world for centuries.

Belvedere di Barragge

The viewpoint of Barragge, the heart of Palau, offers a panorama of about 300° starting from Corsica, the whole archipelago of La Maddalena and the Costa Smeralda, impossible not to go there at least once. From the terrace you have a panorama, a masterpiece of nature that enchants and amazes, which leaves you breathless. Perfect place to take a souvenir photo of the holidays and to relax. Enjoy the view, it’s wonderful from here.

La Maddalena

Thanks to the port of Palau it is possible to visit the beautiful La Maddalena and its national park.

La Maddalena is an obligatory stop, it offers the possibility for tourists to be able to enjoy its wonderful beaches and pristine coves. With its 4 most famous islands in the world, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli are part of the Maddalena archipelago, which is a protected area due to its naturalistic value and is the first national marine park in Sardinia, the only one in Italy consisting of the whole territory of a single municipality, a real galaxy made up of islands, islets, reefs and rocks off the coast. With their emerald waters they are a real jewel of nature that is difficult to match. The Rosa beach located on the island of budelli, the pride of this park, is a real miracle of nature, with its pink sand it offers unforgettable emotions.

It is possible to explore the whole island of La Maddalena, thanks to the 20km long panoramic road that goes around the island, skirting the sea several times, some military fortresses and natural coves. Last but not least, for its history and its beauty it is possible to visit Caprera, crossing the Passo della Moneta, a bridge that connects the two islands, where there is the museum, the tomb, and the house of Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of two worlds, where he spent the last years of his life.