Push Hard – Palau

Hi all friends, did you miss us? You to us yes! Today we talk about Palau. You may be wondering why I used this title, now I’ll explain what I mean by this title.

During the summer period, those who have already come here already know what I’m talking about, the whole world is concentrated in Palau, creating quite a few inconveniences both for travel and for parking. It becomes really problematic to move from one point to another, or simply go shopping, not to mention finding a parking space, a real utopia. But we dear friends, we have the solution to this problem. The scooter. The scooter in the summer is essential for getting around, not bulky, less expensive than a car, and due to the large traffic that is created, even faster due to the large number of tourists. With the scooter you have the opportunity to visit the beaches that Palau and its surroundings offer, I mention a few, the Saline I told you about in the old article, Palau Vecchio, the Sciumara, go to Porto Pollo, visit the Maddalena and the archipelago of to which it belongs, crossing the whole panorama, visit the beaches and coves such as the Testa del Polpo beach, a cove that takes its name from the shape of a rock that looks like the head of an octopus, Cala Francese, beautiful and embraced by the granite rock cliff that it will shelter you from the wind famous for the granite cove that can still be visited today, granite that was extracted and used in some of the most famous works in the world, for example the statue of Liberty in New York, with this extracted material the base of the statue was made, another what you can find on this beach is the Carlotto military battery, Cala Spalmatore a beach that I suggest you visit if you have children as it has shallow water.

Obviously to visit these beaches you will have to walk a few meters, but I assure you that with a car it is impossible to find parking near or even get there, for example to get to Cala Francese you have to cross a dirt road, and with the car it is really challenging , you risk damaging the car, that’s why I recommend the scooter. If you want us to organize a nice itinerary on what to see and where to eat typical Sardinian dishes, do not hesitate to contact us at our email info@pushhardpalau.com or come and visit us directly in the shop in Palau address : via delle Ginestre 10. Then we know about this problem, we have decided to put our scooters at your disposal, and what a scooter! We are talking about new scooters, the latest generation of silent, fast and practical. They are Sym Symphony 125 sr scooters from this year. Scooter suitable for travel, equipped with LED headlights so as to be immediately recognizable in traffic, each scooter comes with a top case, two helmets and two padlocks. Each scooter is always checked on each return, cleaned and sanitized with specific products, the same thing for the helmets, also new, they are checked and sanitized upon each return. For any information on our scooters, availability and prices, click here, I also remind you that you can request delivery which allows you to have the scooter directly at home, we will also take care of picking up the vehicle, you don’t have to worry about anything, if not to turn the key and ride this stylish and practical scooter and enjoy your holidays. For any information or if you want to book our vehicles online, I leave you our website where you will find all the information you are looking for, www.pushhardpalau.com and our telephone number 3468728022.