Push Hard – Palau

Hello dear friends, today we are talking about the symbol of Palau, from which we took the cue for our logo, the Bear Rock.

It is a rock depicting a bear, this rock has not been designed by man, but rather is formed by the erosive action of the winds that have hit and sculpted it for millions of years, to form an aspect that depicts a bear. One of the best known and most visited places in the world in Sardinia. So famous that they even talked about it in the television program Fredom “Oltre il confine”, an episode aired on Monday 20 March, by clicking here you can watch the episode.

There are many stories related to this rock, which has been mentioned since ancient times, including Ptolemy, considered one of the fathers of geography, who indicates the rock as a reference point for sailors, dieting its geographical coordinates and also its name. with which it was then known ‘Promontorium Arcti’, or “Promontory of the Bear“, telling of the fear it instilled in sailors, as the rock was like a magnet that attracted ships. In fact, in that stretch of sea, wrecks of ships from various eras have been found.

For the writer Victor Berard, a scholar of Homer, Capo D’orso is the only place with which it is possible to identify the land of the Lestrigoni, or the land where Homer places the landing of Ulysses in search of food and water for the crew . According to the episode described in the X book of the Odyssey, while he was drawing water from a source, he saw smoke in the distance, which meant the presence of indigenous people, following the smoke he approached the place and on the way he met a girl of remarkable stature. Ulysses tried to communicate with the girl, using words that however frightened the girl, who began to scream to draw the attention of the men, who were of gigantic stature and led by the king of the Lestrigons Antifate. The Lestrigonians were a people of cannibals, and they had a banquet with some men of Ulysses that they managed to capture, also thanks to their physical strength they managed to destroy 2 of the 3 ships with which Ulysses undertook the journey, Ulysses himself was forced to desperate escape with the only ship he had left.

There are many stories related to this natural work of art and you understand why, people from all over the world come to see not only Palau, but also this Rock. We also remind you that it is possible to visit the Rock, thanks to the guided tour, by clicking here you can see the timetables. In addition to the Rock, you will enjoy a panorama that has no equal, in fact it is possible to see the Maddalena Archipelago, so accept our advice and at least once in your life, go and visit this masterpiece of nature, you will not be disappointed. You can get to the Rock using our means, whether it’s a scooter or one of our bikes, by clicking here, I also remind you that with the rental of our means, you will have our map available for the different tours you can do. Until next time, hoping that summer will finally arrive, this rain has bored everyone.